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Haunted Hotels Charleston

Haunted Hotels in Charleston South Carolina

Looking for a good ghost story?
Check out these stories about the Haunted Hotels, or better yet, make your vacation even more exciting and stay in one of the Charleston Haunted Hotels. If you dare to stay in one of the Haunted Hotels in South Carolina, you might just be lucky enough to go home with an impressive ghost story!

A headless torso?
... the apparition moaned, waking up the man's wife.

In room eight of the Battery Carriage House Inn, a man once woke from sleep around four in the morning to see a headless torso, dressed in the uniform of the South during the Civil War, floating at arm's length above his head. He reached out to touch it and felt the fabric of the uniform. As he did so, the apparition moaned, waking the man's wife. She screamed, and it disappeared. An apparition called the "gentleman ghost"--so called because he visits female guests, and if they "object," he leaves . . . through a wall. He is thought to be a man who graduated from Yale in the early twentieth century but committed suicide not long thereafter.

Located in the Old Citadel Building on Marion Square, Embassy Suites Hotel Charleston is one of the few hotels in the world located within the walls of a historic landmark. The South Carolina State Arsenal, more commonly known as the Old Citadel, is associated with several aspects of Charleston’s history, particularly during the Civil War.

A ghost is rumored to haunt the hotel, and people call this ghost "The Lost Cadet," as he appears to be of teen age, and reportedly is a quite happy ghost, as though he is in some way reliving his youth. He’s also got half a head, and thus the name some of the hotel employees know him by, ”Half Head.” They say from the eyebrows up, there’s nothing there, as though sliced off by a cannonball. The reports of ”Half Head” visitations go back a ways, involve a lot of people including hotel workers, and there are certain areas of the hotel that some employees refuse to visit.

The Ghost of a slave!
... hear the crack of a whip!

The 1837 Bed and Breakfast, located on Wentworth Street, was built in 1837 and changed into an inn in 1984. It is reportedly haunted by the ghost of a young slave named George who saw his parents sold away in 1843, then died trying to swim out to their departing boat in the harbor. George has been seen playing around the house, and shakes the bed in one room. He also has been known to turn lights on, use rocking chairs, and run away when he--and, sometimes, still-living people--hear the crack of a whip.
Haunted Hotels Charleston * Haunted Hotels Charleston SC * Haunted Hotels in Charleston South Carolina