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827 Broad Street
Chattanooga, Tennessee 37402
Phone: 423-266-4121

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Room 311 is haunted!
... she was brutally murdered by the young soldier.

The Sheraton Read House Hotel Chattanooga is one of the city's greatest landmarks and it has a wonderful antebellum charm. Not surprisingly, many notables have stayed here, including Ronald Reagan, Winston Churchill, and Andrew Johnson, among others. The hotel is located at 827 Broad Street, and is recommended if you ever need a place to stay in Chattanooga.

The hotel was opened in 1847, and was known as the Crutchfield House. By the time of the Civil War, the family which owned it had divided loyalties. When future Confederate President Jefferson stopped there and gave a speech about succession, he was confronted by William Crutchfield, the brother of the owner, who was loyal to the Union. Those in attendance were split on the issue, and bloodshed very nearly resulted. Today, there is a grand hall to honor those who fought in the Civil War, and suites are named after key battles.

Room 311 is said to be haunted. The hotel burned down in 1867, but apparently the ghost returned to the same room after it was rebuilt. The legend says that a Civil War soldier was staying in the room. Since the hotel was occupied by the Union in 1863, it was likely a Union soldier. In any event, the absence of female companionship was beginning to get to be too much for the young man, so he decided to enlist the services of a member of the world's oldest profession. A prostitute was brought to the room to fulfill the soldier's desires.
All apparently did not go well, however. After the soldier enjoyed the prostitute's services, he killed her. No one seems to know why. Perhaps he was frustrated over having to fight in the war (or some other reason), and took out his rage on her. Perhaps there was a disagreement over payment. Perhaps the prostitute was a Southern Sympathizer. Whatever the case, she was brutally murdered by the young man. Since Union forces controlled the hotel, he was never punished for this crime.

In the 135 odd years since, many a visitor has seen bizarre apparitions, or heard sounds coming from Room 311. Most people try to avoid this room, and it appears to be hotel policy to not use this room unless no others are available, or it is requested. Those who request it in hopes of seeing the ghost sometimes get more than they bargain for. Many a visitor has left in the middle of the night, too frightened to stay in the room any longer.

Are you brave enough?
If you request the room... you'll get more than you bargain for.

If you ever stay in the Read House, be sure to take a look around, and enjoy the history of the place. You might be wise to steer clear of Room 311, however.
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