Haunted Hotels St. Augustine * Haunted Hotels St. Augustine FL Casa de la Paz Bayfront Bed & Breakfast
22 Avenida Menendez
St. Augustine, FL 32084
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Looking for a good ghost story?
Check out these stories about the Haunted Hotels, or better yet, make your vacation even more exciting and stay in one of the St. Augustine Haunted Hotels. If you dare to stay in one of the Haunted Hotels in Florida, you might just be lucky enough to go home with an impressive ghost story!

The Ghost of a Bride!
... her soul still remains in limbo, waiting for her husband.

The ghost in the Casa de la Paz is that of a young lady. She had come to the home many years ago on her honeymoon as a guest of the owners. On their last day in St. Augustine, the young husband decided to take a boat out for a day of fishing. He told his bride to go ahead and pack and wait for him at the house because he did not know exactly when he would return.

A terrible storm came up that day, capsizing his boat, and he never returned to her. She was so upset that she stayed in St. Augustine and grieved herself to death. Her spirit has never left the house, awaiting his return. During the time the inn was used as apartments, some of the tenants reported hearing a knock on the door and a voice saying, "Is it time to leave yet?" Others heard a door shut and saw a figure walking down the hall. Many, many people have come and gone through the house, yet her soul still remains in limbo, waiting for her husband to return. She is often seen at the top of the stairs, with her bag packed, ready to depart. It is said that you will know she's near when you feel that odd feeling that someone is behind you or feel a cold air pocket on the stairs.

When Thomas Rowe built the Don CeSar Beach Resort in 1925, he included a replica of a fountain where he used to meet his love, a young European woman named Lucinda. He met her while a student in Europe, but her parents forbade the relationship.
He returned to America, but never forgot her. He often wrote letters to her, but they were returned to him unopened. Upon her death, he received a letter from her, indicating that she had never forgotten him either. The fountain was taken down in a renovation, but guests still report seeing the young couple walking hand in hand on the same spot.

Lady with the Lantern!
... lantern has been seen swinging above the Inn.

The Lady with the Lantern is the legend at the Casablanca Inn on the Bay. In the 1920s, then known as the Matanzas hotel, the Casablanca Inn was the center of smuggling activity. The proprietor on the hotel was bringing in smugglers through the back door while escorting the G-Men out the front. Playing both sides of the law for money, she eventually fell in love with one of the smugglers.

The Lady would climb the roof of the hotel with a lantern in hand and wave it to signal the rumrunners offshore whether it was safe or not to come ashore. The story continues that she waved off her lover one night. He avoided the G-men but stayed in the coming waves of a hurricane. He was lost and she was heartbroken.

Modern day visitors have seen the lantern light at night. From other hotel guests to fisherman, the lantern has been seen swinging above the Casablanca Inn.
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