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A ghostly reputation!
Opened in 1859 -
One of the most famous haunted hotels in the world!

The historic Menger Hotel is located adjacent to the Alamo in the heart of downtown. It has a ghostly reputation as one of the most-haunted hotels in the world. The Menger opened in 1859 and has hosted many luminaries over the years, including U.S. presidents Ulysses S. Grant and Theodore Roosevelt. Other guests have included Buffalo Bill, Beverly Sills, Oscar Wilde and Roy Rogers. The American Indian leader Geronimo was briefly imprisoned in the hotel's basement.

A military figure sometimes reported in the Menger's bar is thought to be Teddy Roosevelt, who recruited many of his "Rough Riders" while staying at the Menger. An impressive figure in old Western finery is believed to be Richard King, founder of the famous King Ranch. King spent his final months in the hotel after becoming ill during a stay, and died in what is now known as the King Ranch Room.

There are many alleged spirits reportedly stalking the Menger, but the one most commonly reported is the ghost of Sallie White, a chambermaid murdered in 1876. Reports of mysterious footsteps and sounds and things being moved by unseen hands are numerous. Suffice it to say, the Menger is the ghosthunter's first choice in San Antonio.

The Emily Morgan Hotel is impressive, a Gothic Revival that overlooks the Alamo and its courtyard. This is one way to spot a ghost at the Emily Morgan - some guests have claimed they saw spirits roaming the Alamo courtyard.

The basement of the Emily Morgan was once used as the city's Medical Arts Building (it was built by John Nix, who went on to found several hospitals in San Antonio) and alleged spirit activity is strong in the basement.

Those hoping for something supernatural might want to request a room on the 7th floor, where there have been many reports over the years of apparitions, temperature anomolies and unexplained noises.

Tragic tale of Douglas Moore.
... trapping his body halfway out and severing him in half.

Once a very lavish hotel, the huge Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells, Texas was the site of many wonderful times. Eventually closed in 1970, ghost stories still continue to circulate. The most eerie story of the old Baker would have to be the tragic tale of the death of a young elevator operator by the name of Douglas Moore. The original story was told that in 1948, Douglas went to work at the Baker and quickly began to earn a lot of money - perhaps too much - for an elevator operator.

After a period of gainful employment, Douglas confessed to his mother that he had become a minor part of an illegal prostitution racket in the hotel. His mother insisted that he quit. Douglas went a step farther and reported the happenings to the local authorities not knowing that some were actually involved in the ring.

Douglas was laid off but was suddenly called back to work two weeks later. Upon returning to his job he found himself in the basement playing around in the service elevator late one night with two other bellboys. This particular elevator had a call button that would send it rapidly from the basement to the top elevator room without stopping.

It was reported by the other two boys that one of them accidentally depressed the call button when Douglas was not completely inside the elevator - suddenly trapping his body halfway out and severing him at the waist. Many believed the two boys were paid to kill Douglas.

Some have reported seeing the ghost of Douglas lurking about in the basement area. Some say that only the upper portion of his body and his head can be seen, the lower portion is of course, missing.
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