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Hotel Internet Marketing * Hotel Internet Marketing and SEO * Hotel Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization HOTEL TRAVEL CHECK
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Hotel Internet Marketing
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Hotel Internet Marketing

Also referred to as Search Engine Marketing is the fastest most important component of your Hotel Internet Marketing Strategy.

Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is a tool used to increase traffic to your business' website and increase its ranking in search engine results. While there are many software packages available that claim to guarantee a high ranking, it is just not possible to produce such a result with software alone. This is because SEO does not work in a 100% predictable manner.

In order to attract quality traffic, we constantly monitor the search terms used to reach your website, providing an accurate picture of who your customers are and how to better reach them. Many have tried to 'hack' the search algorithms to guarantee a high ranking, but in the end it is the sophisticated use of key terms and reporting tools that will bring quality visits to your business' website.

Our SEO toolkit is customized to fit your specific needs

  • Proper Meta Tag Placement - Each page must have fresh, relevant Meta-tags that work together, as well as satisfy the local marketís desire for information. The architecture of the Meta-tags within the pages of a website needs to be discovered by the search engine spiders, as well as pertain to the content the web visitors are viewing.

  • Alt Tag Placement - Each Page with Images with appropriate Alt Tags.

  • Copy - updated as indicated upon the initial website transition and then as indicated based on our analysis.

  • Website layout and architecture - updated during the transition and the addition of new pages.

  • Monthly analysis - of Key Phrase popularity and subsequent changes as indicated.

  • Research - of new Key Phrase Discovery - as indicated and directed by our analysis.

Not an 'out of box' solution, the internet marketing experts at HotelTravelCheck.com will work with you in finding what kind of visitors your website needs and then utilize search terms that will bring in those visits, causing your business to gain a higher ranking in key searches.

The most important component to Search Engine Marketing is determining the key phrases that are being searched in your market. There are several tools available to do this - the most popular is "Web Position Gold". With this approach, each key phrase from a website title is used to determine current web positions. Once an initial report is run, a comprehensive key phrase search for a particular market is conducted.

Search engine submission and web site optimization services

After research determines the most effective new key phrases to use, a "Benchmark" report is completed. This report can be generated monthly to track the increased web positions for the targeted key phrases that were selected.

Once the key phrase list is complete, the Meta Tags on a website are re-written and HTML code is checked to make sure it is clean. Sloppy HTML and broken links on a website will prevent good rankings.

Statistics indicate that more and more travel is booked online; therefore, it is important that one finds an internet marketing provider that can be trusted and who is knowledgeable in this often confusing arena.

A service-oriented, results-driven culture.

We believe the best results are achieved through active collaboration with our clients. Our team will work closely with you to meet your property's unique needs. With your input we'll develop and execute your Internet marketing plan, including an in-depth market analysis of your current online positioning. And at the end of the day, our commitment to hard metrics will tell you how well we've done our job.

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Hotel Internet Marketing * Hotel Internet Marketing and SEO * Hotel Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization